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Chloë Thomas

Who I am, and why I want to help you succeed.

I've been immersed in the world of eCommerce and marketing since 2003.

I've seen the failures, the mistakes, the bad decisions.

I've also learnt how to do it right, how build a business efficiently, and successfully.

Right now that means focusing everything on your customers - and that's what my new book is all about. Step by step guideance to help you look after your customers, so they can build your business.

You will learn how to...

Get inside your customers' brains

Understanding their needs and wants, and delivering on them will help you grow your business faster.

Get more Customers

The book explains how to get more traffic, and convert more of that traffic into buying customers.

Get strangers to take notice and buy

It's all about helping you work out what the best way for you to attract new customers is.

Get more sales, revenue, and profit

Profit is where the repeat buyers are! In this book you'll learn how to create them and get them to buy more.

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In Customer Persuasion Chloë Thomas introduces 2 critical concepts for online retail success in the twenty first century.

The Customer MasterPlan explains how to maximise the growth of your business by understanding where you need to focus your effort and resources, and what to do to. The end goal being a tribe of regular customers you can rely on to order again and again and again – as well as encourage others to start buying from you.

The Conversation is the ongoing timeless dialogue your business has with each of its customers, the thread that holds the relationships together. Done well The Conversation can make your marketing much easier, increase conversion rates, and speed up the frequency of purchase.

These two concepts together create a straightforward way to put the customer at the heart of any business.

Bonus Extras

  • Where to start analysis templates
  • Companion workbook
  • Regularly updates guides to those who are doing it well

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